Bieber Surprises Fan to a Game of Basketball

surprise match

In an age where everything can be bought online and brick and mortar shops are starting to seem obsolete, one man can be thankful he ended up owning a physical store as it led to him meeting one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.


And regardless of being mobbed by Belieber’s all over he goes, Justin Bieber, 23, has actually still been extremely eager to see the sights of Australia. However of all the places the pop star has gone to on his Purpose trip, a journey to a small Sydney basketball apparel store after a show might have left the unwary director startled.

Michael Lazaris informed journalists that he was sitting at the desk in his shop when a call came through that Bieber was at a Darlinghurst store. A massive fan of the Canadian vocalist, Mr Lazaris remembers how he immediately hopped in his car and flew throughout town to the shop to bid Bieber an Aussie ‘g’ day’.

‘I sort of freaked out, I jumped in my car and headed down there getting every traffic light on the way,’ he stated. But in spite of his best shots to make it in time, he missed out on the vocalist by simply minutes.

However, not giving up on a meeting with Bieber, Mr Lazaris offered to keep a nearby arena open for the singer to play a pick-up game of basketball. ‘I didn’t expect it to occur that day … but within 15 minutes I got a text saying Bieber was on his way, so we had to rush and lock down the arena,’ he stated.

‘I didn’t run at him when he got here however I told him I ‘d been at his show the night in the past, I think he was truly amazed a grown male could be a fan.’ Bieber and his entourage spent time in the store kitting themselves out in NBA gear. Sporting basketball shorts, they looked the part, and Bieber’s team – that included Patrick Schwarzenegger – then hit the court. However the greatest surprise was yet to come for Mr Lazaris, who was invited by Bieber to participate in the match and even team-up with the singer.

While the story might have sounded so amazing his mates might never have thought it, a post-match photo posted to Bieber’s 81 million fans worked as evidence. In minutes his face was being published online all around the world, an unbelievable end to a day Mr Lazaris states can just be referred to as ‘surreal’.

This is definitely one experience you can’t buy online.

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