Creating a Strong Business Card

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Despite its comparatively small size, a business card may be vital to the growth of your small business. As business cards are often handed to prospects and clients, they may be an extremely personalized form of marketing. Their multiple layout options also offer numerous opportunities to market your company in a creative way. Business cards can mean that clients can contact you easy, and that you get to physically introduce yourself, then hand out a card; rather than sending an invite on LinkedIn. Below are some handy tips and tricks, and also some reasons why business cards are so important for your business in the digital age.

First Impression

As business cards are a part of an introduction, they are important for creating a positive first impression. An appealing, eye-catching business card design with all the appropriate contact information can catch the interest of your potential and allow you to stay in her memory well after your first meeting. Business cards may also enhance credibility, since they may create a feeling of professionalism and validity for your company. Business cards also can make the client feel welcomed, as handing out a specially designed slip with your information on it is a lot less confronting then adding a stranger on LinkedIn.

Low Price

Business cards are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a cost-effective marketing tool for small companies on a limited budget. A local printing company can often create countless business cards for only a couple of bucks, and the prosperity of online printing companies makes it easy to shop around to get the best prices. In the event you or a friend or relative possesses graphic design abilities, you can also create and create your own cards with the assistance of a web business card program, which may significantly reduce your costs.


Business cards may go wherever you go, making them an essential mobile marketing tool if your company requires you to travel regularly. If you frequently attend industry trade shows or business conventions, for example, company cards can facilitate the process of establishing and maintaining contacts, in which may cause future business opportunities. By keeping a large amount of business cards with you at all times, you have the chance to continuously hand out your cards to everybody you meet.

Building Your Brand

Business cards can help you establish your brand, making your company more easily recognizable. By adding your company’s logo and advertising slogan in your card, for example, you help to reinforce your brand with everyone who sees your card. Based on Nathan Ross Martin, president of NRM Creative Marketing in Atlanta, a frequent mistake that many businesses make is that the layout selected for a business card differs from or fails to efficiently integrate the corporation’s brand. Another aspect of branding is adding your logo on items, in which can also have a greater impact on your clients, such as business stationary. For example letterheads, envelopes, calendars, or even little items you can hand to a client (or possibly future client) to remember you by. This is a great way to build, and market your brand, along with handing out your personalized business card.

Business Cards Are Still Needed

Why use business cards? Since the old-fashioned paper rectangle remains the quickest and easiest way to share company contact information with other business people and with potential customers and clients, a handy business card can simply slip in your pocket or fit perfectly in any purse or wallet.

In this digital age, they are still among the best ways to remind people about your small business, and consequently, to find business.

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