Energy Startup Accelerator Begins in Melbourne

energy startups

International startup accelerator, Startupbootcamp has surfaced with EnergyAustralia to get a Melbourne-based accelerator program geared toward scaling clever energy ventures such as intelligent energy, intelligent grid, smart manufacturing, smart houses and renewable energy endeavors. Since the very first act, Startupbootcamp has established an accelerator application for energy-related startups together with the backing of EnergyAustralia, Spotless Group, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Cisco, the Victorian Government’s LaunchVic performance along with many others.

The program is available to startups around the world from the smart energy, intelligent grid, smart manufacturing, smart houses and renewable energy sections to battle unsustainable options the way glue laminated timber products and biodegradables have. Focus areas for the program include IoT and connectivity, large data and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sustainable cities and alive, energy sharing and trading, smart buildings and infrastructure, smart grids, and blockchain.

Interested parties are invited to attend events being held involving late August and mid October at Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and cities in New Zealand, South-East Asia, India, China, Europe and the United States. Six participants will be chosen in December, with the program kicking off in the end of January 2018. Besides the normal training, mentoring, and networking opportunities, participants get free co-working space throughout the program, combined with $25,000 each staff for living costs. Over $500,000 is available in the kind of discounts and perks from suppliers like Amazon Web Services and SendGrid.

You will find startup companies out there with fantastic ideas for structural and architectural trusses and water supply networks that will create a difference to people’s everyday lives by placing them in charge of the energy that they use, even though it means that they use less energy. EnergyAustralia NextGen executive Andrew Perry explained that the accelerator program is all about helping those ideas get off the ground.

The Startupbootcamp EnergyAustralia accelerator will operate for three weeks in January 2018, together with spots out there for ten startups. Applications are available from today until Friday, 27 October for startups, worldwide, with options that create energy efficiencies and encourage energy independence, such as innovations driven by large statistics, blockchain and AI.

Startupbootcamp co-founder Ruud Hendriks along with the program’s managing director, Trevor Townsend – a startup manager, investor and founder from Melbourne – clarify the coming accelerator.

How does the program benefit startups along with the local energy industry?

Hendrick: In relation to Australia’s energy demands, the accelerator will help commercialise technology that will offer a cleaner and more cost effective energy future. Meanwhile, startup founders will get an unparalleled degree of service to scale their company, through link with corporate clients, investors, IT consultant companies and managed service providers, and business expert mentors.

Townsend: Startups desire investment and customers – we help them to get both. However more importantly, they will need to make sure that they have attained product marketplace matches till they attempt to scale. Product/market match means being at a great market with something that could satisfy this market. Our program is all about helping startups attain product marketplace match within 3 weeks – instead of the 12 to 18 months it normally takes.

What standards must startups fulfill to get accepted to the accelerator?

Townsend: For us, it’s all about the group. We’re searching for founders who are filled with entrepreneurial spirit, that are driven and stubborn, and equipped to navigate the tricky startup journey. We’re seeing 30 cities worldwide to discover the best startups to deliver to Melbourne and generally 70 percent of those startups that connect our program are far from overseas. We hope to see strong interest throughout Asia and India to our app in Melbourne.

To what extent is Australia’s energy industry ripe for disturbance?

Trevor Townsend: The Australian energy industry has already entered a period of disturbance and change during decrease in demand via greater energy efficient apparatus, through the quick spread of solar PV and renewables from the grid, and the current development of economically viable battery storage technologies. That is changing the nature of the energy economy and is with an impact on stability (e.g. Adelaide blackouts) and costs. The energy business will emerge out of a hierarchical network into a distributed network where lots of unconventional businesses will take part and little companies like cloud security and IT consulting services in Melbourne will have the ability to handle their electricity use and costs considerably more closely at a market that’s quite competitive.

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