How To Replace A Pool Pump

outdoor pool how to replace pump

The first thing to check when your pool pump starts to malfunction is the hose pipes. Significant problems arise from the hose pipes and the disturbance at the connecting parts of it. If you see that these two are at a correct state and yet your pump is not working, then you may want to consider replacing the pump of the pool. Order new parts for your pool from a reputable retailer to ensure a quality pump. 

The average lasting power of a pump used for the pool can be somewhere in between four to five years. Replacing a pool pump may sound like a hassle or a big task, but if done correctly and in an orderly manner, then this process will hardly take a 30 minute to replace it entirely.

luxury hotel pool indoor restaurantRequirements

To begin, we need to keep in mind a few things. For example, the size of the pump must be the same as the pump to be replaced. Identify the type and size of your pump and find a suitable replacement online. The price of this kind of pool pump can vary depending on the size, quality, and manufacturer of the pump. Other hardware that you may require is the PVC pipes, connectors, elbows; these must be of the same size as of the previous ones. Also, you need a small hacksaw, screwdrivers, PVC glue, and lastly the wire strippers.


First, you need to make sure that the mains of the electrical connections are switched off so that you can start the work safely. Pool pumps use a lot of energy and can easily deliver a fatal shock, especially when working near water. Then you have to disconnect the previous pumps wires. If the pumps main switch remains on then, you may get high voltage shock from it. Before changing the pump, you must keep a note of the ways the wire was connected. Unscrew the pump and then remove it, replace it with the new one. Keep adjusting the new pump in its place until it fits correctly. Here you need the pipes, hacksaw and wires to attach with the pump. The pipe needs to be separated in small parts, and then you need to join up them place the connectors to hold the little pieces of the pipes in places and create a bend for the water to pass through.

Finally, use a hosepipe to check the flow of the water and let the pump fill up the chamber with water. When the water level rises, the pool will fill up automatically. Once the vacuum seals pop up, you may understand that your newly placed pump is working adequately.


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