Tips For Buying Skin Products Online

online cosmetic purchases

Shopping online makes life a breeze, it is fast, efficient and delivered to your door. It is the ideal way to shop, until something goes wrong. Respectable cosmetics homes have recently been inundated with complaints about product efficacy and bad reactions after customers have unknowingly purchased imitation, out-of-date or grey-market goods from unauthorized online stockists. Many businesses say complaints of bad reactions, because of formulations with the incorrect balance of active ingredients, have escalated. Some online stores get calls from customers who have had responses from products bought online and have received little or no assistance when requesting help, many also complain that the goods are away, with a few expiry dates exceeding one year. But before you go cold turkey in your online shopping addiction, read these helpful hints. Armed with a couple of smarts, you will be able to confidently fill your online cart.


When looking to purchase skincare products online, particularly cosmetics or anything with highly active ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) or vitamins A or C, just buy from the brand’s official website. If the brand does not sell online, start looking for its authorized stockist list, which should be on the website. Some manufacturers have initiated their own programs to stamp out the gray and bogus markets, by making an “Authorized Stockist” stamp.

Be cautious, too, of buying highly active ingredients, even from a legitimate website, without first having your skin diagnosed. You run the risk of response if it’s the wrong formula for your needs. As an example, slapping on high-percentage vitamin A products without professional guidance may result in burning and other sensitivities. Anything active ought to be used with caution, so buying it for the first time over the world wide web is not recommended. Once your skin is used to it, buying it online ought to be fine. Perhaps consult with a skin doctor to make sure you are buying the right kind of skin products online.


Many luxury brands like Chanel will never be found online. Should you find them, they are probably counterfeit, grey-market, used or secondhand. The odor may be redeemed or a bad imitation of the real thing. Some odor houses do provide to legitimate online retailers like Adore Beauty, but it is still important to do your own research. Request the batch number and date of manufacture. If it is more than six to twelve months old, do not get it. Make sure that it is still in its box and wrapped in cellophane. If possible, learn how it’s stored. A cool, dark warehouse is ideal for scent longevity.


Buying make-up online can be a minefield due to the possibility of product contamination and disease. Simply purchase from the brand’s site or from an authorized stockist. Examine the item has not been opened and, where applicable, make sure it is still in its box and cellophane wrapping.

If you have bought it from an official stockist, you will be eligible for a refund or credit, in addition to assistance in choosing the right products for your needs. However, if you buy from an online store trader that does not acquire products from the manufacturer, you may get little to no assistance. Typically they won’t even respond to your complaint. As the majority of these dealers are based abroad, local protection laws will not apply. However, if it is beauty services you are after, perhaps consult with a local specialist to help you find the right products.

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